Do you have an unsettled baby?  Or are you an older person that is not eating as well as you used to? Or you would like some help to eat more healthy?  Here are some of the ways that I can help:



I can take an allergy focussed history to determine if the cause is a food allergen and advise on diet or mum if breast-feeding and/or for baby during weaning.  If your baby is formula fed I can advise your GP on the most appropriate formula choice.  I can also give advice on the re-introduction process at a later date as most babies outgrow food allergies.  I can help with older children and adults too.

OLder people's Nutrition

As people age, their nutritional needs change.  Appetite may change along with activity changes, body repairs may take longer, for example after a fall or after surgery, or appetite may be reduced due to dementia or other neurological condition.   I can assess dietary need and any shortfalls in nutritional adequacy to help the older person stay active for longer.


Sometimes a hectic lifestyle gets in the way of healthy eating.  I can help you to come up with some ways of eating healthier, which will not take up too much time and not break the bank, helping you to feel at your best.