Areas of Expertise

I have a wealth of experience in a number of areas to provide dietetic advice and expertise in: Paediatrics (children and babies) with allergies (including cows milk), problems with growth and development, weight management, enteral feeding; Adults, including older adults with problems such as:  poor appetite (may be related to dementia or other medical condition), enteral feeding, Irritable bowel, going through cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery) and many other areas.  

 I am particularly interested the Immune system which includes:  Allergies such as:  Cows milk allergy, Egg, nut, wheat and pollen food syndrome, auto immune conditions such as:  Coeliac Disease; Thyroid disorders such as Graves Disease; Arthritis such as:  Rheumatoid, psoriatic arthritis.  I have extensive experience in dealing with children and babies with cows milk allergy.

I offer private consultations to adults, parents with children and babies and I also offer nutrition consultancy to businesses, training to schools, nurseries, care and residential homes and article writing.

I enjoy working with people and organisations to get to the root of the problem and offer practical solutions to overcome these problems.

Please see website for a more detailed list of areas of expertise

 Qualifications and Professional Membership

·         Honours Degree:  Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Wales Institute Cardiff), 2003

·         Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)Registered (see

·         Member of the British Dietetic Association including specialist groups:  Paediatric group; Autism group and Freelance group.

·         Member of Coeliac UK


“My baby has not vomited since you changed the feed, Thank you”
(Mother of baby fed by enteral tube)

“No one has ever explained it to me in that way before, now I understand”
(Mother of child with multiple food allergies)

“This is the first night that my baby has slept, it’s like he’s a new baby!”
(Mother of baby with a cows milk allergy)

“I have a new lease of life, I am out and about again enjoying life like I did before the illness, I want to thank you for the time you spent listening to me and also for getting me the right support”
(Older gentleman following cancer treatment)